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‘Hell on Wheels’ EP describes recasting of Cullen’s

‘Hell on Wheels’ EP describes recasting of Cullen’s

Hell on Wheels

Hell on Wheels comes back Aug. 2, therefore the AMC Western—which parlayed Saturday evening success into an expanded 13-episode 4th season—will have significantly more than one new face. The one that might surprise fans is the fact that of Cullen’s Mormon that is young bride Naomi. Initially played by Siobhan Williams, the type ended up being introduced early final season whenever the railroad carved its method through her family members’s Nebraska homestead. Cullen (Anson Mount) had sex along with her when in the barn, then again needed to hang her sibling after her trigger-happy dad blamed their son for killing of a part associated with railroad authorities. Into the period 3 finale, a kidnapped Cullen avoided being hanged because of the Mormons (and masquerading Swede) at Fort Smith and married Naomi, who he’d learned ended up being carrying his youngster. Canadian actress/singer MacKenzie Porter actions in to the part for period 4. Here, showrunner John Wirth describes the switch and teases what’s to come.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Why ended up being the component recast?

JOHN WIRTH: We begin where we left down. He married this young woman and had a child on the way sort of predicated the kind of story we needed to tell this season as you can imagine, having left Cullen in a place where. We found ourselves when you look at the position that is unfortunate of lost our actress: Siobhan Williams decided to go to another series ABC’s Black Box, so we found myself in some scheduling disputes, so we were not able to create her ahead. We had been style of desperately considering exactly how we should manage this: Should we recast? Needless to say, whenever you’ve got that discussion, the 2 Darrens situation is obviously raised. It absolutely was perhaps perhaps not my very first option, but we went ahead I think we were really lucky to get MacKenzie with it, and.